Past Boards Sold

These boards have already found happy homes, but don't be fooled see something you like an email us for your own similar skate gear.


The Goddess

Featured at The Sanctuary Dispensary
Sacramento California

Features real pressed weed leaves and crystals sealed with 3 layers of Epoxy Resin. Handed Painted and One-of-a-Kind.

kingdom hearts promo shot.png

Kingdom Hearts the Final Fantasy


Custom job featuring a gold leaf clock tower, a galaxy of the games favorite worlds, and an epic stained glass scene of the first two games final bosses!

Scream Board Promo Shot.png

Scream Like It's 1996!


Rainbow drips engross this retro styled classic Scream cinema board. Showcasing some of your favorite horror moments from the film and ghost ready to take your call.

dr. facillia promo shot.png

Shadow Man


Princess and the Frog inspired Dr. Facilier voodoo board features a callback to his "friends on the other side". Glows in the Dark and is handed painted.